Blink Dance Theatre was established by a group of contemporary dance & theatre makers and has now expanded to include a broad team of multidisciplinary artists from movement, theatre, new media and design backgrounds. Our central aim is to develop a platform for professional artists to continue making high calibre work in the Geelong and Surf Coast region.

Blink creates unforgettable theatre that touches the human spirit; our work is brave, entertaining and enriching. We like to present work in both traditional and site-specific spaces, creating visceral performances with an unwavering attention to artistic excellence.

The name we chose for our company is a simple human action – it’s a symbol of humanity and connectedness. Movement and body language communicates to an audience in a myriad of familiar, beautiful, quiet, disturbing, joyful, screaming and poetic truths. We make theatre because we must. Because we believe in the power of art to be transformative for both individuals and communities.


FOUNDING MEMBERS: Bec Fairey, Ebony Wakefield, Jessica Lesosky, Fiona Luca, Lyndel Quick, Kirsty Reilly.