Spirit Birds, Mouth to Mountain

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Spirit Birds, Mouth to Mountain CD Launch (August 2013)

Mouth to Mountain (M2M) is a contemporary songline of music, from river mouth to mountain….responding to the landscapes, the special places, the built places and the people of Geelong. It was specially written and performed live as part of the Connecting Identities….Mouth to Mountain project at Deakin University, Waterfront Campus. Blink Dance Theatre was commissioned by The City of Greater Geelong to create a short improvisational performance.

Producer: Arts & Culture Department, City of Greater Geelong

Artistic Director: Meme McDonald

Visual Artist: Lizz Lethlene

Composers: Rod Gear, Tiffany Eckhardt, Rose Bygrave

Performers: Jessica Lesosky, Ebony Wakefield, Caroline Meaden

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