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Written on the Body | 2014

Inspired by the life of iconic writer Anais Nin, this visceral dance theatre work explored notions of female identity and the power of literature to both shape and be shaped by our lives. With creative stagecraft, innovative video projection and beautiful physicality, this was an immersive and celebratory work; a love affair with the written word.

For this performance, our entire ensemble of 6 were awarded BEST FEMALE SUPPORTING ACTRESS in Geelong’s 2014 ‘Virtual Oscars’ by Entertainment Geelong. The company also received nominations for BEST DIRECTOR (Lyndel Quick) and MOST INNOVATIVE FEATURE (Melinda Chapman for media design & Kate Kelly for Lighting Design)

Performers: Sara Di, Lyndal Pope, Jessica Lesosky, Mikayla Thomas, Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez, Toni Main

Producer: Jessica Lesosky

Director/Choreographer: Lyndel Quick

Associate Director: Georgina Capper

Production Manager: David Greenwood

Dramturge: Gaylene Carbis

Set Design: Mairin Briody

Costume: Jaz Tweeddale

Lighting Design: Kate Kelly

Media Design: Melinda Chapman

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