The Room Inside

The Making of Memory House (2020)

The Room Inside: Making Memory House’ is a short documentary film recording the process and reflections of the cast and crew of Memory House. Originally a much longer live dance theatre production, the COVID-19 pandemic required the project and participants to change in order to continue their work and to overcome new challenges. The artwork is also remarkable for translating theories of mind and memory into movement and the way this paralleled the lived experiences of the people making it.

“It was a privilege to learn the skill of becoming and being vulnerable from a group of true artists, as they found ways to move in a time defined by the restriction of movement on a massive scale.”Eric Dittloff, Director

Shot and edited by Eric Dittloff (Hello Friend Media)

Producers: Eric Dittloff, Elise Wilkinson, Jessica Lesosky, Lyndel Quick

Sound: Josh Mitchell

Stills: Eric Dittloff

This project is assisted by Geelong Arts Centre’s Creative Engine, the City of Greater Geelong through its ‘Community Investment and Support Fund’, Geelong Connected Communities and The Loft Studio. 


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