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Small Wonders

Creative development 2022

An immersive audio, text and movement experience by Blink Dance Theatre. Through headphones, participants are guided on a mythic journey to reclaim their animal bodies and find the fullness of nature within. Written by Blink’s creative team and accompanied by Melinda Chapman’s atmospheric projection design and original sound design by composer Josh Mitchell, Small Wonders utilises spatial audio and ASMR binaural mixing techniques in an experiential new work that challenges the audience/performer relationship found in traditional theatrical contexts. This is a shared movement experience: deep listening, embodied connection, and resonance — a place where wonder becomes the bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Supported by City of Greater Geelong Arts Project Grant and Platform Arts LAB residency.

Photos by: Eric Ditloff Hello friend media

Video By: Eric Ditloff Hello Friend Media

Creative team: Elise Wilkinson, Lyndel Quick, Jessica Lesosky

Promotional Photos: Mischa Baka

Feedback : from the audience at the creative development showing

It was truly the essence of Blink Dance Theatre.. superb – warm, held, safe, challenging, and so beautiful. You take us on a journey..always unexpected.

This is a gift. I feel changed and feel I will be thinking and processing this for a long time to come.

I felt emotional.. and grateful

This is such important work… we need this.. society needs this…

This work needs a season, several seasons beyond this development. This is incredibly special. It is so important that creative developments like this receive funding … time to create without a finished product …. time to explore and fully realise your ideas. 


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