PostScript: Dance Lab 2016

Dance Lab is a community dance theatre program run by Blink, with the aim of providing a platform for local movement artists to explore, play and discover in the studio. Our 2016 participants share their insights and experiences below.

“Dance Lab was a wonderful opportunity to learn new methods of creating choreography while honing my contemporary technique. Getting together with like-minded dancers to learn and create became a highlight of my week. It was affirming and exciting to participate in a class in Geelong that was completely free of competition and the pressure of a performance outcome. The environment created by Lyndel was gentle and supportive, but allowed us to explore new and unfamiliar concepts and ideas with our bodies.  While always encouraged to dance to my truth, I was provided with tools to improve my technique and artistry. ”  Sophie Thompson   

“Gentle guidance into improvisation and ensemble work that inspires careful and conscious articulation of the present moment in sync with others. There were numerous and diverse provocations offered as well as simple movement phrases and choreography  for each mover/dancer/performer/maker to ingest and express authentically to each body”   Miriam Fathalla

  “I’m so glad I was brave enough to apply for Dance Lab 2016!  My expectations for the program were certainly met – it allowed me to re-ignite my passion for dance which had been forgotten a bit, in amongst family and work commitments.  I needed to do something just for me.  For those 90 minutes each Wednesday morning I completely forgot about all my stresses and ‘to do’ lists – a perfect form of mindfulness. It also boosted  my self-confidence which had been lacking as it is a very long time since my University Dance days!  It was also lovely to spend time with other like-minded dancers.  I didn’t want Dance Lab to finish.It was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next Blink project.”  Natalie Thompson

“I really enjoyed the dance lab, it was absolute soul food for me. After a 10 year break from dance, I wanted to reconnect with the simple joy of contemporary movement. And that joy was certainly re-discovered! It was a great blend of lesson, improvisation and exploration with a lovely group of dancers under Lyndel’s excellent direction. I learnt so much and the experience left me hungry to explore more contemporary dance.” Shannan O’Neil

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