Soft Landing 


Soft Landing is a series of short dance and performance works presented by Blink Dance Theatre and guest artists who were invited to respond to the provocation of ‘Falling’.

“Falling is a way of inscribing space” – Annette Habel


Writer/Performer – Elise Wilkinson
One woman’s life explodes in her face. From lift-off to landing – one woman, five empty chairs and a whole lot of unravelling.


Dancer/Actress – Irene del Pilar Gomez
Dramaturg – Agnieszka Majer
Tech/Media – Bernadette ReithmayerA solo dance theatre performance exploring the internal conflict between the desire for a sense of belonging and the need to leave one’s home country in search of a better life.


Choreography/Performers – Jessica Lesosky, Lyndel Quick
A meditation on rainfall. The continuous cycle of movement; falling, collecting, seeping, replenishing. Transformation and letting go.


Performers/Devisors – Karen Gee, Susan Kennedy, Felicity Steel
‘Falling from Grace’ explores what happens when women – often considered angels when young for their sweet face, innocent looks, charming banter – feel the inexorable tug of age at their heels. How much baggage do they haul through their lives, and how do they relate to that baggage? Ellipsis dynamically examines what it means to fall from angel to ageing and how one’s wings might be rediscovered.


Choreography – Stacey Carmichael
Performers – Dominic Rousetty, Xavier McGettigan, Xavier Robertson
How will those around us treat us when we don’t fit our gender stereotype? Just because we feel it, why do we feel we can’t show it? A creative exploration of what it is when a man falls emotionally.

Concept: Lyndel Quick

Planning Committee: Lyndel Quick, Jane Acopian, Mairin Briody, Jessica Lesosky, Sarah Marshall, Elise Wilkinson

Producers: Lyndel Quick, Jessica Lesosky

Production Managers: Jane Acopian, Mairin Briody

MC: Matt Briody

Ushers: Philip Besancon, Lina Libroaperta, Taliesa Cartwright, Julie Fryman

Technical Manager: John Quick

Stage Assistants: Heather Black, Darcy Evans, Agnieszka Majer, Stacey Carmichael

Marketing: Lyndel Quick

Graphic Design: Georgina McIntosh

Photography: Ferne Millen Photography

Video Documentation : Justin Batchelor (BatchEdit)

Special thanks: Ren Inei, Kate Jacoby, Cricket Saleh


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