Drawing Dance

The Wintergarden in Geelong is a beautifully restored, historic bluestone building and home to numerous businesses including the studio of talented local Artist Jill Shalless.

Blink Dance Theatre was fortunate to have Jill as Artist in Residence during the creative development of last years premiere performance The Red Tree. Working quickly, Jill sketched in charcoal and pencil capturing the dancer’s movements during rehearsal. Later in her own studio, Jill developed some images further including this one (above) featuring performer Elise Wilkinson. Elise loved the image so much she decided to buy it. “How fantastic that I now have a permanent reminder of a show I loved creating and performing in!”

Since the creative development of The Red Tree other artists have been invited to collaborate with Blink Dance Theatre. Blink’s AD Lyndel Quick says, “We love the artistic exchange; the energy created in the space with artists of differing modalities all working together.”

You can check out more of Jill Shalless’ work at The Wintergarden, 51 McKillop Street, Geelong, VIC.


photo 1


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